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Who are we

Established in 2012, PQ is a management consulting company known for our exceptional people, methods and tools. 


A core team of leading professionals  provides skills in facilitation, leadership, sustainability and project management, drawing from deep experience in world and national leading companies. They draw on a pool of over 50 specialists who can supplement teams on an ‘as needs’ basis.


Paul Radford

Co-Founder, Director

Paul has extensive experience applying hands-on project and program management across industries and project types.


He has successfully led studies, projects in execution, functional teams, and independent project reviews.


He brings a no-fuss approach that emphasises outcomes through a straight-talking, value-based and collaborative style.


Sir John Monash, Alain de Botton and Elon Musk


Cycling, discovering hidden bars and world travel

Paul Moody
Co-Founder, Director

Paul helps organisations shape, plan and deliver challenging initiatives in a thoughtful, user-friendly and practical way.


He draws on his extensive and varied experience from global-scale M&A transactions and integrations, business transformations and organisation change programs, capital investments and innovation programs.


Apple, Ed Tufte, Ray Dalio


Collingwood, golf, sports, architecture and travel with family and good friends

Key People

Ben Armstrong

Ben is known for clear and concise communication, attention to detail and his ability to influence stakeholders.

He has held senior corporate roles and led large global teams with experience in corporate transformations, sustainability management, risk identification and assessment, investment governance and frameworks, strategy and planning, process and systems improvement, and large global M&A transactions.


Matthew Hayman, Adam Goodes, Les Hiddins



Cycling, outback travel, furniture making

People Spotlights

Who are we: Team

Scott Ross

Scott brings a seasoned commercial eye to achieving project success. He has decades of experience leading and supporting capital, technology and transformation projects in Australia and internationally. 


He has also led functional teams in Operating Excellence, Risk Management and Commercial Assurance.

Scott's signature style is to listen,  gain understanding, ground conclusions in facts and focus the team on the critical things which move the needle.


Daniel Kahneman, Muhammad Ali and Noam Chomsky


DIY, family and combat sports

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