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We know projects and how to best deliver them so we can lead and manage with confidence, speed and high quality

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We are great to work with and integrate seamlessly with our clients’ teams


We know results and value matter so we orient our efforts and focus on the team achieving your objectives and the value envisaged

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We translate complex matters into easy to comprehend language allowing for effective decision making



BHP is the world largest mining and mineral processing company by revenue and market capitalisation, with a global footprint and market leading assets. 

​PQ has led or managed the delivery of numerous major projects for BHP.  A highlight was leading the successful establishment of an Integrated Remote Operations Centre in Brisbane, an advanced technology integrated control roomcentre, designed to optimise the entire production supply chain at every point in the cycle and which delivered substantial, sustainable savingsfor its Australian Coal that. This was a highly complex endeavour involving 9 open cut mines, 8 coal handling plants and the coal terminal and which provided numerous technical, stakeholder and organisational change challenges.  


The project was completed safely, on time, under budget and provided the business the ability to rapidly achieve benchmark performance across all sites. 

  • PQ defined the project structure and plan and led the team throughout the execution phase 

  • PQ led the program through the governance processes of BHP and its joint venture partners Mitsubishi and Mitsui 

  • PQ provided all program controls services across costs, schedule, financials, risk and reporting 



South32 is a major resources company whose purpose is to make a difference by developing natural resources, improving people's lives. South32 was started from scratch as a divestment from BHP. Has 14,000 employees, global assets and generates $7B in sales annually. 

The set-up of South32 required the establishment of a corporate entity and all of its group functions including marketing, finance, HR, technology, treasury, legal, company secretariat, reporting, external affairs, investor relations, taxation, supply, risk, audit and assurance, investment office, planning, business development, projects, facilities, health and safety and environment. South32 successfully separated from BHP on 25 May 2015 without any operational difficulties. 


PQ delivered:

  • The overall set-up program management by leading and coordinating across all of the project’s work streams (one work stream for each group function and the regional offices in Australia and Africa)

  • Project management services to establish and implement the project management processes, rhythms and routines, coached/mentored workstream project leads

  • Contract management as South32’s nominated contract owner for the Transitional Services Agreement between BHP and South32 for the period after separation

  • A new South32 Project Management process by facilitating the definition and development of the South32 project management process, systems, deliverables and tools with an emphasis on a simplified, fit-for-purpose approach that helps business and project people to understand what is required, why it is necessary and what good looks like


South Australia Energy Plan

The South Australian Government developed the South Australian Energy Plan to address reliability and security needs of the energy market after a state-wide power outage in September 2016.


An Energy Taskforce was formed to deliver projects which included: 

  • 100MW of battery storage, the world’s largest at the time 

  • Nine temporary emergency stand-by generators across two sites 

  • A contract for the supply of the state government’s own electricity needs with an obligation to install new renewable generation to meet the load 

  • Administering grants and loans from a $150M Renewable Technology Fund 

PQ managed the successful delivery of the $650m Energy Plan from commencement to successful completion of the key projects were delivered on time and budget by providing: 

  • Leadership and management of the whole program including the appointment of project managers for each project 

  • Regular briefings with the Premier, Minister and CEOs of government departments and agencies 

  • Providing all project controls services including cost, schedule, finance, risk and reporting 


World Mosquito Program

The World Mosquito Program is a not-for-profit initiative that’s protecting communities around the world from a range of mosquito-borne diseases.

PQ worked with the World Mosquito Program leadership team to project manage the transition from a single Melbourne-based HQ to a regional operating model.  We also helped to greatly improve the methods used to govern and report the deployment projects spread all over the world.

We delivered:

  • A new Operating Model and organisation structure design and implementation

  • The establishment of a new office in Vietnam 

  • A streamlined WMP approach to managing field deployment projects based on interviews with dozens of WMP partners and project participants from all over the world


University of Sydney
John Grill Centre for Project Leadership

The John Grill Centre for Project Leadership is based at the University of Sydney and aims to enhance the value of large-scale projects in Australia and support social wellbeing and economic prosperity through executive education and partnerships.


PQ worked with the John Grill Centre to design and deliver key modules of the Executive Leadership in Major Projects program.  PQ designed immersive simulations to put project leaders through practical project-based challenges that required pragmatic problem-solving.


We delivered:     

  • A comprehensive major capital project simulation containing a variety of practical leadership and project related problems to be identified and addressed

  • A series of 1-hr simulation scenarios to help leaders develop practical project leadership skills for use in real-world situations

  • Facilitation of the program over 5 years to more than 50 project leaders, often rating as one of the top program modules

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Energy Australia

EnergyAustralia is one of the country’s leading energy retailers with around 1.7 million electricity and gas customers across eastern Australia.

PQ worked with EnergyAustralia to help develop a business case for a $300M transformation that centred on realigning the organisation to become more customer centric.

PQ also led and established the business operating model needed to deliver on its transformed state.

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